Hi-5 Tutoring is a small local company with an experienced Lake Forest teacher who personally creates Individualized Learning Plans for each of our students. We feel that every child has unique set of learning needs, style, and pace. As such, your child’s tutor will continually assess your son or daughter’s progress and modify lessons according to their academic goals. Hi-5 strives to boost student self-confidence and content knowledge while providing a unique one-on-one in-home tutoring experience that is most convenient for today’s family. In order to accomplish this, we work around your family’s schedule so that Hi-5 students can not only benefit from the academic support they need, but can participate in clubs/sports, eat dinner with their parents, and enjoy the quality family time that is so important to their positive development.

Parent communication is also an essential element to Hi-5 Tutoring. Having taught in local schools, we believe students learn best when the parent, tutor, and child are a team. Therefore, Hi-5 listens to parent feedback and provides parents with consistent updates.

If you have any questions or would like to arrange a consultation, please call us at (847) 708-3319 or email us at Tutor@Hi5Tutoring.com.

Together we can create a fun and enriching learning environment for your child!

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