Mom Reviews

 Many, many, many thanks to Bhavi for all she has done for our family! My daughters have each worked with Bhavi and she is absolutely amazing in every possible way. She is caring, patient, insightful, and the SMARTEST person that I have ever met. Outside of being a math/science mensa, she is an incredible writer and helped inspire my girls to write their own genius college essays. Bhavi is in a class all of her own and I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for the best of the best for their children. One of my daughters just received acceptance to her top college choice and she couldn't have done it without Bhavi! Thank you Bhavi! - Christie, Lake Forest


Ms. Len is so much more than a tutor. She is an educator. She has taught and guided all three of my sons through middle school, high school and college. Ms. Len makes herself available to her students at all times, whether it’s one on one in our home or remote/Skype for my sons away at college. Her experience as a teacher has helped her develop the study planning, organizational and teaching skills to make her a very effective educator.  My sons often communicated with her directly to set schedules and to review work. It was through her dedication that helped us to help our sons to reach their educational success. Lori, Lake Forest

"Ms. Len is an excellent tutor! She has helped my daughter in Math and Science since Middle School and throughout High School. She also helped her prepare for the ACT with outstanding results. Ms. Len is extremely patient, kind and knowledgeable. She recognizes academic needs and provides great test taking strategies. I highly recommend her to anyone and everyone!!"

-Margaret, Lake Bluff

Ms. Len is an amazing well qualified tutor!!   Her background as a teacher in Lake Forest IL prior to tutoring is evident.  She is incredibly knowledgable in all subject areas and across all grade levels.  She genuinely cares about her students and makes herself available to them.  Ms Len will even work with her students once in college online if requested.   My children who all went through Lake Forest High School have been extremely successful thanks to Ms. Len. - Beth, Lake Forest

 “The degree of professionalism and warmth that Ms. Len brought to each session was greatly appreciated by our family. Our son was so comfortable with Ms. Len that he shared stories and jokes with her. Our son has said he enjoys the time spent this summer with Ms. Len. He has become more confident in reading and grammar. The note taking strategies introduced this summer will be beneficial throughout the rest of his life.”

- Deb, Lake Bluff

 “I’m very pleased with the results. My daughter has improved tremendously, which has given her the confidence she never had. She is actually anxious to go back to school to apply all she has learned. Overall I am very pleased with the results. My daughter will benefit for the rest of her life from everything she has learned.”

- Irene, Lake Bluff

Student Reviews

 I started working with Ms. Len when I was in early high school (I am now 24). She started out as my tutor, but grew into my mentor, life coach, and friend. One review from myself here does not do justice for what she has done for me over the years. She is remarkably knowledgeable of any and all subjects. I've gone to Ms. Len for help with a variety of courses (high school and college) and she never ceased to amaze me with how intelligent she is. I pursued college following high school and  Ms. Len was there for me to critique my papers when I was applying. Without her help I would not have felt so confident in submitting my applications. After starting college at a reputable university, I had important papers due for classes/finals. Ms. Len was always there for me to overlook my work and offer her opinion. She was always prompt to get back to me! We weren’t working together at the time as I was out of state, so this was simply out of the kindness of her heart for her students. Midway through college, she helped me study for my nursing prerequisites. I felt that she almost knew more than my professors who were practicing physicians! She has a way with explaining things and helping you have a thorough understanding of what you're studying. The study skills I learned from her molded me into a straight A student. I would not be as competent as a writer, student, and now a professional without her guidance and teaching over the years. Ms. Len has become family to me and we stay in contact regularly! I more than highly recommend! - Natalie, Lake Forest


Ms. Len truly provides meaningful sessions not only to help improve academics, but to help prepare students to become successful life-long learners. Her patience, warmth, and nurturing style is the perfect combination for any student. My time with Ms. Len helped me develop the necessary executive functioning skills to be successful long-term.  Ms. Len ties in life-long learning skills to current academics to help foster both immediate and long-term growth of students. Ms. Len’s toolbox of tips, resources, and materials is never ending. Her spectrum of knowledge across all subjects is second to none! Ms. Len truly is able to turn challenging subjects into meaningful, manageable tasks. She is a true educator!!! - Nicola, Lake Bluff